The great escape

You always daydream of digging a tunnel out of here. Maybe find a hole in the fence, or you'll just walk right out of here through a door someone left standing wide open. Or you fantasize about pulling some serious Steve McQueen action, except you land on an island full of woman and beer.

Then you snap out of it and realize there is no escape. There's just survival. I learned about both waking up in a prison hospital bed full of stitches and broken bones. Thing was, when I woke up, I knew what happened and I wasn't pissed off or scared. I was just, well, serene. I was a coward all my life, the kid who always ran the other way, the petty thief who was deathly afraid of getting caught, the inmate scared of being killed inside...all that was gone.

This was larger than breaking out of any four walls. I'd made the greatest escape of all. I had escaped my fear.

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